Cabins are your interactive gallery with access to a virtual economy. Escape within.

Cabins can be your entry into The Ape Society ecosystem. Holders can purchase & upgrade Frames with $SOC in order to stake Apes or your favorite NFT project. These 3D, high-resolution & customizable rooms can add utility and aesthetic designs by buying tables, chairs, floors, billiards tables, gramophones, and more.

Cabins also give the holders the freedom to advertise their brand or something they are part of.

Cabin Sizes

There are 3 different sizes of Cabins: Cottages, Estates, and Chateaus. Apart from the obvious difference in size and space, these will determine how many frames you can buy and stake.

  • Cottages have a cap of 2 Frames

  • Estates have a cap of 4 Frames

  • Chateaus have a cap of 10 Frames.

Artists' free Frames do not count towards these caps.

Street Addresses

Each of the 10,000 Cabins is distributed across 35 distinct districts. Street addresses are unique for each Cabin and consist of a street number, a street name, and a postcode. There are over 650 streets, and postcodes are also unique. These are used to identify different Cabins.

Here is an example of an Estate street address:

35 Henstridge Villas, KN14 F89

As you can see in the image below, just by looking at the postcode, you are able to know precisely where the Cabin is located, following X and Y coordinates and its SLVD Rating — a form of value. Rated from A to Z (A being the highest and Z the lowest), SLVD is formulated based on cabin Size, proximity to Landmarks, average cabin Value in the district, and Distance from the center of the map.

Take a look at the image below.

This is how your Cabin journey starts. You can easily locate your Cabin, see its value and if there is a Landmark nearby through the interactive Heatmap app - created by community member Relevant Data - where you can filter, create alerts, and buy your favorite Cabins. - AF1


Click here to see the official Cabins rankings.

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