The Ape Society
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The ultimate utility for $SOCIETY


When we first launched Cabins, we provided a heatmap with 11 distinct Landmarks. These landmarks will be use cases and utility for $SOC, and we have high standards for them - we treat each of the Landmarks as standalone projects.
Every Landmark will be very different from another, but we plan for some of them to be linked in a way.
$SOC will be the primary medium of exchange in Landmarks, creating more use cases and volume for the token.

-> Token distribution

Each Landmark will benefit the local residents. There will be a distribution of tokens for Cabins within the Landmarks district, so expect these Cabins to have more value (SLVD rankings matter!).
It's hard to predict the rewards these will bring, given that the volume and reward split for the Cabins will differ for each Landmark.
In most districts, the bigger and closer a Cabin is to the Landmark, the bigger the rewards.
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