The Ape Society
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The Ape Society

The main collection
The Ape Society is a collection of 7,000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano blockchain. Every holder is a member of one of our 35 families - each one with their own crest and relative lore - and gets access to the DAO. We aim to create tools, resources, and unique art and harness the power of the community to create a breeding ground for knowledge, collaboration, and fun.

-> Names

Every Ape in The Society has its own name. This unique feature allows the holder to connect more deeply with the Ape and the family name categorizes them in different Classes. There are 35 different families, and each one of them has a reigning King.

-> Classes

There are 7 different classes of Apes in The Society: Craftsmen at the bottom, Artists, Explorers, Merchants, Military Officers, Royal Advisors, and de' Medici at the top. Each class provides unique benefits, providing holders with a more personalized experience based on how they participate in DeFi.
Take a look at Class Perks to learn more about it.
The Ape Society Classes Pyramid
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