The Ape Society

The Ape Society DAO

One of the biggest and most active DAOs in the Cardano blockchain
The Ape Society DAO is comprised of verified holders (Apes) of The Ape Society within the Discord server. Any ape can draft a proposal for an idea, or an initiative to strengthen The Ape Society brand, and get it funded by the DAO. The DAO is represented by 11 council members voted into power by apes every 4 months. Council members are responsible for vetting proposals, posting them to vote, collecting results and funding successful proposals.
The DAO's main objective is to provide the necessary platform needed for apes to build projects that give back to The Ape Society ecosystem, and Cardano as a whole. The DAO has funded various projects and initiatives to that end, and will continue to fund great ideas from the community. The DAO currently owns over $2.5 million USD in assets, controlled by a multi-sig wallet guarded by the signature of the 11 council members. DAO wallet