DAO Initiatives

Some of the on going initiatives from the TAS DAO

ASAP - The Ape Society Apprenticeship Program

To increase the depth of current and future Ape Society talent, selected individuals are sent to a Haskell/Plutus course funded by the DAO, then they are "paid back via time and service" to the Ape Society by serving in a 6-month part-time internship under AF1 to help build The Ape Society roadmap and/or community-led initiatives (if directed by AF1).

To achieve this competitive edge, we have selected and have been in contact with EMURGO as our educational facilitator.

The program is targeted at individuals with proficiency in any programming language and who are comfortable with building working applications.

The TAS learner, after completion of the program, will be able to understand various features of the Cardano Blockchain platform, gain proficiency in Haskell programming, understand its pertinence to Cardano smart contracts, and be proficient in smart contract development on Cardano using Plutus.

The Amphitheatre (Landmark)

Read about The Amphitheatre here: The Amphitheatre.

The Ape Society Pools Initiative (TASPI)

The purpose of this initiative is to bring exposure to our project to a new audience and at the same time, further enhance the decentralization efforts of the Cardano blockchain. The plan is to select 7 independent stake pools that will represent the 7 classes of the Society. These stake-pools would then slowly drip the $SOC token via DripDropz every epoch to their delegators for 35 epochs.

The following pools are taking part in our TASPI:

  • Cardanistas

  • Allincrypto

  • Quixote

  • Alam0

  • Doork Staking

  • TSC

  • NERD

The Great Ape Debate

The Great Ape Debate's primary goal is to create an environment that fosters ideological debates that challenge the status quo. As elevated Apes, it is our duty to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards of The Ape Society. The DAO votes as a whole to determine which topics are up for discussion, and the team will ensure that we remain within the boundaries laid out in the rules channel of the Ape Society Discord Server

Societas: the Conquest of Apes

Societas: Conquest of Apes is a crypto board game with Catan economic system used as the main inspiration.

The game differs by having combat elements with class-based units containing unique characteristics that relate to The Ape Society. The emphasis of gameplay is to win by building and producing but daring players can take advantage of terrain benefits and go against another player or expand quickly for a quick victory.

The RNG and the large possible combination of unit types could lead to a whole host of strategies initiated for each play session. Game pieces reflect the classes in the Ape Society. It is a 6-player FFA where users can pay Society and the top 3 earn Society from the entry pool. Fees are collected to fund the DAO Treasury.

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