Learn about Ape Force 1

The Ape Society was founded and is led by Ape Force 1 @matasa, @cardman and @ponziratti

Ape Force 1 met on a crypto discord not all too different than the NFT community discords of today. The team identified a unique set of skills that could be applied well to a project. With experience in running retail businesses, entrepreneurship, web design & development, economics, finance, and branding, Ape Force 1 is able to run an NFT business with a lean overhead and primarily in-house work. In addition to the main founders, The Ape Society also works with a branding expert in MP, a brilliant full-stack developer in Avatar Nick, an incredible frontend developer in Sean, and a one-of-a-kind community manager in Lara. The team also works closely with an award-winning professional studio to develop the art that surrounds the ecosystem.

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