The Vision

The Ape Society aims to be the ultimate ticket for Web 3 enthusiasts, professionals, and collectors. Many PFP projects focus only on one aspect of the crypto space: art, utility, or community. We aim for The Ape Society to be a destination where holders can reap the benefits of all potential aspects of a decentralized community. The Ape Society measures its success in 5 different categories:

Branding & Art

We genuinely believe in the importance of art. Every asset, art piece, and icon created by The Ape Society is crafted by professionals with decades of industry experience between them. This extends to our social media presence, web pages, and in-person exhibits.


Following the ethos of Cardano, The Ape Society places a high focus on decentralization. This is highly focused on the DAO, which receives funding from 20% of royalties collected by the main collection. The DAO is entirely run and managed by the community, which elects a DAO council every quarter to manage and lead. As time passes, we hope to empower the DAO even more as it develops its initiatives, cultures, and products.


The Ape Society intends to create a fully-fledged ecosystem of real utility unseen at this scale in NFT projects centered around the Society token. Our landmarks will introduce creative use cases for our token and bolster the ecosystem. In addition to our products, we intend to partner and spotlight other promising DeFi protocols that could benefit our members.

Professional & Personal Development

We view NFT communities as one opportunity for individuals to learn from people with diverse perspectives, talents, and experiences. Being part of The Ape Society allows our holders to grow as people and professionals. In time, we hope that the crypto landscape is littered with members of The Ape Society contributing in their own ways.


Whether it's on Discord, Twitter, or in person, we see The Ape Society as an opportunity for people to make lifelong friends. In a world that's constantly getting closer through the power of the internet and cryptocurrency, we aim to provide a safe, fun, and supportive web3 home that is inclusive to all races, genders, and types of people.

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