The Ape Society

How to Play

Our game offers a variety of roles that all players can play. Mix and match roles or stick to your favorite — it's your call!
Company Owner
Furniture Dealer
All company owners focus on creating buildings to boost their company. But what are buildings?
Buildings are essentially transformed, having undergone a burning process and now existing as building-themed NFTs. The conversion is limited to a maximum of 3,000 cabins. Every building earns a set amount of $SOC daily, determined by its type and the SLVD rating of the original cabin.
$SOC rewards based on the SLVD rating of the original cabin.
There are a few requirements for Company Owners, however:
  • Owners must set competitive pay rates in order to attract employees;
  • Upgraded buildings only earn extra $SOC if employees are working there;
  • Buildings are resellable on the secondary market.
All employees must be Citizens of The Ape Society and hold a COTAS passport to participate. Using the website's employment wizard, employees are able to join companies with competitive pay rates.
How to work as a COTAS holder
Remember: there is a small fee to join a company, so make sure to take it into account if you decide to leave an old job for another one with better pay rates.
Furniture Dealers are usually clever market watchers or hard-working Craftsmen Apes. Craft or play the market in order to measure and meet company owner demands for certain items.
In the Renaissance, Craftsmen Apes in leveled frames get an additional crafting time boost to what they already have - the higher the level, the shorter it will be to craft a piece of furniture!

-> How to Create Buildings

Tutorial on how to create buildings in Cabins: The Game
Step-by-step guide on How to Create Buildings
  1. 1.
    Click on "Add New Building";
  2. 2.
    Select the non-landmark cabin you want to transform into a building;
  3. 3.
    Type in a name for your new building and click "Build";
  4. 4.
    Make sure to create a company in the "My Company" tab to be able to claim your building after it is created, otherwise, you will not receive the newest NFT in your wallet.
All cabins that are turned into buildings undergo a burning process which removes them from circulation forever, therefore, if you wish to continue staking your NFTs in frames, make sure to consider this information!

-> Building Furniture Requirements

Numbers of each piece of furniture required to create each building
Make sure you own exactly the amount of each type of furniture required, otherwise, you will not be able to create your building!
Once transformed, buildings emit rewards for a minimum of 18 months.