The Amphitheatre

The battle arena

Located in the Whooss district (27), the Amphitheatre is a virtual destination where members of The Ape Society can compete in arena tournaments for $SOC, bragging rights, and glory.

-> The first community-built Landmark

After participating in a community voting process, The Amphitheatre became the only Landmark that would be completely built by The Ape Society community.

-> The concept

Arena contenders have a chance to earn $SOC, but members of every class have a role in the Amphitheatre to bring it to life. For fulfilling these roles, they are compensated a percentage of admission fees in $SOCIETY collected at each tournament.

Open to all of Cardano, the Amphitheatre will be a Web 3 destination where all are welcome to congregate, enjoy music & entertainment, stake predictions on the outcomes of the tournaments, buy/sell goods and network with their fellow Cardano community members.

-> Certified builders

Community members who helped build the Amphitheatre are issued certificates representing the skills they provided while building the project. In the future, as our world becomes more aware of the power of NFTs to issue official documents like Titles, Contracts, etc.; these certificate NFTs will represent a non-refutable "resume" that contributors can show future employers in Web 3.

Read more about The Amphitheatre in the Discord server completely dedicated to its development:

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