The Ape Society
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Manage your Craftsmen to build furniture for the cabins of The Ape Society. Use your furniture to decorate your own cabin, sell it on the marketplace for $SOC, and more. There is a packaging fee of 10 $SOC (that is burned) to claim each furniture item. Check our step-by-step guide to craft in The City:
How to craft an item in The City
  1. 1.
    Go to the "Crafting" page in The City and click "Craft Item" under the Craftsman of your choice;
  2. 2.
    Select the asset you want to craft and confirm. Here's an example showing the process:
  1. 3.
    Once completed, a "Claim" button will appear and you can confirm the transaction.
Note that each asset has a 10% chance of getting stolen by a random Military Officer! (varies depending on the frame level. Read more at -> Frame Level Bonuses).
For Military Officers
Head over to the "Officers" tab to check if there is any stolen asset and claim it.
After all is done, you will then be able to see all your assets under the "Furniture" tab.

-> Time to Craft Items