The Factory

Helping teams to create in Web 3

Located in Shiahib (District 31), The Factory is one of The Ape Society Landmarks. It is a Web3 incubator that offers minting, mentoring, and exposure. Owning a cabin in The Factory's district, Shiahib, allows holders to earn a share of the $SOC from the projects mint.

Powered by Saturn NFT, your mint will run through a reliable, vetted platform and process with the community's trust.

-> Fees

We will be offering 2 types of packages for incubated projects:

  • Package 1: Saturn NFT + TAS Services

  • Package 2: Saturn NFT + TAS Services + Consultation

Each mint will have a $SOC round, where people can only mint with $SOC.

This will represent 5% of the total mint, of which 3.5% is to be split to Cabin holders and 1.5% to provide liquidity in exchanges for $SOC.

-> Token Distribution

If your team is interested in applying, please visit:

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