The Ape Society
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Detailed information on $SOC tokenomics


The Ape Society developed unique tokenomics to match the one-of-a-kind ecosystem.
Some examples include all $SOC is burned when buying or upgrading frames, the first-ever 3-phased emissions curve, and dynamic Frame pricing.

-> Distribution

  • Staking Rewards: $SOC reserved for Apes and Frames staked.
  • Projector Rewards: Craftsmen will be able to craft these unique utility assets that will generate $SOCIETY once staked. There will be a limit of one projector per Cabin.
  • DAO: Allocation for the DAO wallet, fully decentralized — these tokens are in the Apes' hands.
  • Airdrop: Tokens airdropped to the diamond-handed Apes that held throughout 10 epochs from March to May of 2022.
  • Liquidity: Provided on Minswap
  • Team: Tokens allocated to Ape Force 1, vested. The unlocks occur every week for 3 years, proportional to Daily Emissions.
  • Community Incentives: Everything is community-related, from marketing to poker tournaments to giveaways.
  • TASPI: Finished DAO initiative, rewarding tokens to 7 community-selected pools over the course of 35 epochs.
  • Double-Farm: Rewards for providing liquidity through staking SOC/ADA on Minswap.
  • AF1 Fund: Will be used for partnerships, incentives to non-AF1 team members, and specific project promotions.

-> Rewards Curve

This graph represents the Daily Emission Curve - a unique model to distribute staking rewards designed exclusively for The Ape Society ecosystem.
The X and Y axis (time and $SOC) are hidden to avoid market manipulation. There are 3 different phases of emissions:
  • Phase 1: Fixed daily increase of rewards emission
  • Phase 2: Starts with a specific percentage of remaining rewards where that percentage decreases daily after
  • Phase 3: Fixed % of remaining rewards until infinity