The Ape Society
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Class Perks

Learn about the most recent version of class perks v1.2
The Ape Society Classes Pyramid
It is worth noting that just like a food pyramid, Apes in classes located at the bottom of the pyramid exist in bigger quantities, whereas Apes in classes located at the top of the pyramid exist in lower quantities.
Military Officers
Royal Advisors
  • 1x $SOC rewards
  • Ability to build several different assets (does not include frames)
  • 10% chance of getting the asset looted upon completion by MOs (varies depending on the Ape's frame level. Read more at -> Frame Level Bonuses)
  • Assets are sellable on The Market · 3% tax upon sale (2% merchants, 1% burned)
  • 1.15x $SOC rewards
  • Production of Merch assets
  • WL boost
  • 1 free level 0 Frame per Artist
    • Free Frame does not count towards the Cabin’s cap
    • Artist Frames are locked to the Artist (cannot be used by any other Artist, address, Ape, or NFTs)
  • 1.35x $SOC rewards
  • 50% discount on any level 0 Frames
  • 5% discount on all Frames upgrades
  • 1.45x $SOC rewards
  • 3% of all assets sold in The Market
  • 90% discount on all $SOC mints
  • 1.70x $SOC rewards
  • 10% probability of looting an asset built by the Craftsmen (varies depending on the Ape's frame level. Read more at -> Frame Level Bonuses)
  • A small chance of looting unique assets from the Treasure Chest*
*perk not live yet
  • 2.35x $SOC rewards
  • 1.2 multiplier to all Ape NFTs rewards
    • Multiple RAs staked (cap of 3) will only increase the initial 1.2 multiplier to a maximum of 1.52 (1.20 x 1.15 x 1.1)
      • If 1 RA is staked - 1.2x
      • If 2 RA are staked - 1.38x
      • If 3 RA are staked - 1.52x
    • Does not have an effect on Frames rewards but it multiplies by all Apes rewards (RAs included)
  • 7x $SOC rewards
  • Guaranteed Chateau
  • King Tax: earn 2.5% of all staking rewards of the King's respective family (does not include frame rewards)
  • Access to The Round Table: a private chat between kings and the founders