Open to everyone in Cardano, REGAL is a stake pool on the Cardano blockchain located in Tasama City (district 21).

this pool will operate like a normal stake pool, with a 5% margin and regular distributions.


Otherwise known as The Ape Society Blockchain Exploration Program, it will be an initiative powered by the REGAL pool.

In a mission to expand the footprint of our great society, we are headed cross-chain to open validators and nodes on different emerging networks. Under the brand of Regal Nodes, new blockchains are slowly going to be added. While we have some blockchains in mind, make your voice heard on our Discord server!

  1. Connect your wallet on the top right corner of the screen using the Nami or Eternl wallets and complete the process.


  1. Search for REGAL pool on your favorite wallet and complete the delegation transaction.

The Plunge's stake pool ticker is REGAL and its ID is pool10etudcty0dwyl0t40hdmdpry6484ezyk6w0fd97l04k5gwzeege.

-> ✈️📥

Some drops from the air may safely land in the wallets of those who stake to REGAL...

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