The Ape Society
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The Passports
Opened Golden Passport
COTAS, better called Citizens of The Ape Society, is a collection of 10,000 unique passports generated on the Cardano Blockchain.
Each passport will act as a door to cross-chain operability and provide its holders plenty of benefits on each Landmark (take a look at to learn more) by using Stamps.

-> Stamps

Stamps are upgradable aspects of each passport; each stamp will provide you with a few landmark benefits. Every TAS landmark will have a stamp equivalent to itself, meaning the more you interact with a landmark, the more you can upgrade its stamp.
All Citizens will be able to upgrade their stamps up until the highest tier. However, there are a few differences to note between Common and Golden passports:
Common Passports
Golden Passports
  • If you decide to sell a Common passport, the stamps will be taken over to its next owner, but each stamp will also go back to its ground tier.
  • After purchasing a COTAS NFT on the secondary market or after sending it to another wallet, all stamps will be moved with the passport to their new owner and they must re-upgrade all stamps to be able to receive their benefits.
Golden passports will be the key to giving you maximum stamp experience automatically, and opposite to Common passports, the stamps in your passport will never go back to their ground tiers after being purchased on the secondary market or after sending it to a different wallet.
  • Of the 10,000 passports available, only 500 (5%) are Golden.

-> Passport Customization

Every passport purchased on the secondary market will contain the identity of the previous owner's NFT within itself. Therefore, the information must be changed.
All changes applied to a passport's information will cost a symbolic fee of 150 $SOC.
Note that all stamp levels will be reset when purchasing a new passport.

-> Stamps and Landmark benefits

Coming soon.